History Behind Computer Hard Disk Names. Why not from A or B drive ?

All most PC or computer system you have see starts there drive from C onwards and if system has partition then goes on as D drive, E drive, F drive, G drive or on insertion of any external memory or cards it shows H drive Or I,J,K…drives depends on how much partition computer have. But, Did you think about why it starts from C onwards ???



Initially CP/M or IBM computers  in the growth era of computers usually in 80s and 90s. Computer drives A and B were reserved for floppy disks. They don’t have hard drives at that time. they have space for external memory that is floppy drive and that is it.

A drive was used for 5.25 floppy drive, and

B drive was used for 31/2″ floppy drive.

In upcoming generations, changes came and floppy drive was no more part of PC, but at that time Operating System uses first internal drive C drive which was the next available letter after A and B so, conventionally  it is going on as usually. But if you have some old PCs or systems you can  still see they have that drives space.




However, If you  want to change your drives name you can also do it and put any fancy letter you want you just needed administrative permissions.




Sustainable Innovation and Technology

Hello Friends,

We are discussing Sustainable Innovation and Technology, you may know about Innovation and Technology, if not, then I will describe it as making things easier with external or internal components that bring effectiveness and accuracy compare to ongoing things and activities.

These days entire countries are in competing with remaining else and more with top developed countries like USA, Canada, China, New Zealand, Switzerland etc. All countries are achieving milestones day by day and top developing countries like India, South Africa, Georgia, Libya etc. are also competing with them and making valuable progress regularly. In reference to India, we can remark it with up to the minute conquests like ISROs satellites launch, MTCR membership, Mozambique’s relationship, NSG efforts, Chabhar port acquisition, metro lining, bullet trains, port developments, improving air routes, industrial growth, digital marketing, e-governance,India-USA, India-UK, India-Iran, India-Afganistan, India-SaudiArab, India-Pakistan, India-Nepal, India-Myanmar, India-Bangladesh,India-China relationships and many more. Comprehensively we are growing economically and technically.

Now the concern is that whether it is going all perfect or not means Sustainable or not, let me explain you the term Sustainable Development the growth and development of a country which makes progress with all over development without depletion of natural resources and environment so that upcoming generation can meet and fulfill their own needs.

Developed countries like China, USA, Canda are growing fast without concerning of their natural resources as result of that is in our front, floods in China and  millions of people suffering from it, not this year but regularly in many aspects they are suffering, if we take Bejing then inhalation become worsen there due to huge amount of toxic materials releases from industries in form of fog in atmosphere which is very harmful and dangerous..They are suffering from Asthma, depression, Inhalation and heart problems.Not only in China and developed countries but also in developing countries like India, one rain, and all activities are disturbed and get floods in metro cities, Industrial area like Greater Noida and Delhi pollution levels are above the cutoff. River Ganga becomes polluted due to wrap up of industrial waste  directly into it,and Yamuna is on its worst condition, Taj Mahal becoming pale yellow due to toxic industrial gases. Technology is forwarding with more than the speed of bullet train but scales of resources are ignored.

Above all development is taking its place and is progressive but on the other corner natural resources are depleting exponentially.

Conclusive commendation is we have to develop our nation and make it more powerful but, the government has to step up towards sustainable development. It is necessary for the essence of next generations and for conserving our worthy and incredible ecology.

Rahul Jain

Computer Science Engineer (Gold Medallist)