OSI Model (Open System Interconnection) Networking Model

OSI Model Stands For Open System Interconnection Model Which Is Consists Of Seven Layers.

  1. Physical layer
  2. Data Link Layer
  3. Network Layer
  4. Transport Layer
  5. Session Layer
  6. Presentation layer
  7. Application Layer

All Layers Have Their Own Functions And Responsibilities. For Getting Into Details Watch The Video Given In Link Below.

Complete OSI Model Watch Here.


For Getting Complete Lecture In PDF Format. Comment OSI Model On Video.


Components Of Data Communication

Major Components Of Data Communication in Networking

There are five major components of the data communication in networking.

which are as follows:-

  • Message

  • Sender

  • Receiver

  • Medium

  • Protocol


  1. Message :- Actual data between the two devices or exchanged between Sender and Receiver.
  2. Sender :- Source of the data message.
  3. Receiver :- End unit of data communication.
  4. Medium :- Path chosen for the sending data over different mediums. like Optic Fiber, Coaxial Cables etc.
  5. Protocol :- Set of rules for the communication which is followed by sending message over different mediums.