Information System And Design

Lecture 11- Project Scheduling & Milestones.

Lecture 10- Software Configuration Management

Lecture 9- Risk Management, Risk Categories

Lecture 8.4 – Basic COCOMO Model, Intermediate Model, Detailed COCOMO Model

Lecture 8.3 – Algorithmic Strategy For Cost Effort Estimation

Lecture 8.2 – Delphi Estimation Strategy For Cost Effort

Lecture 8.1 – Analogy Estimation Strategy For Cost Effort Estimation

Lecture 7- Function Point Based FP Based Analysis

Lecture 6 – Software Metric Measurements

Lecture 5 – Project Planning Methods

Lecture 4 – Blue Prints Of Sanjog Model Study

Lecture 3- Sanjog Model Study

Lecture 2- Components & Models Of Information System.

Lecture 1 – Information System Design Basics.



Important Questions On Object Oriented Analysis And Design

Que. State advantages of object oriented design techniques.


Que. What is the complexity measures in object oriented software engineering?


Que. Identify activities undertaken in an object oriented software design approach.


Que. Describe the activities performed during requirement elicitation.


Que. Distinguish functional and non-functional requirements.


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